HSH Series

For high pressure, high speed rotating equipment

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  • Brands:
  • Applications:
    Boiler Circulation, Boiler Feed Booster, OEM, Oil Production, Pipeline, Pipeline Booster
  • Industries:
    Heavy Oil and Upgrading, Hydrocraking, Alkylation, Hydrotreating, Boiler Circulation Systems, Logistics and Tank Farm, Boiler Circulation Systems, Miscellaneous Services, Boiler Feedwater Systems, Products Pipeline, Boiler Feedwater Systems, SAGD, Catalytic Cracking, Steam Systems, Condensate Systems, Steam Systems, Condensate Systems, Utilities, Cooling Systems, Water Handling and Treatment, Cooling Systems, Water Injection, Crude Handling and Treatment, Crude Pipeline, Delayed Coking, Distillation
  • Misc:
    High Speed, High Temp, High Pressure

For high pressure and high speed rotating equipment. Where reliability and long life are a must in boiler feed, boiler circulation, oil field injection, and pipeline services.

Balanced, flexible stator, multi-spring pusher design for use in high pressure high speed applications. This seal is boundary lubricated for long seal life.


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This products and services brochure is designed to make you familiar with the latest Seal Group products and services.

HSH Series Brochure

Balanced, flexible element, multi-spring pusher design for use in high pressure, high speed applications


Description: Split, single semi-cartridge pusher seal for pumps and mixers in non-hazardous applications.


Description: Split seal

DHTW/UHTW Series custom engineered seals for heavy duty applications

Description: Designed for the Power Industry, the DHTW seal has the ability to survive low or lost suction conditions for short time frames.


Description: High duty pusher for integrally geared API pumps and compressors


Description: Standard pusher for integrally geared API pumps and compressors

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