Flowserve Online Tools and Application Information

You will find a variety of online tools and applications provided by Flowserve that allow you to accomplish various tasks online. Some applications and tools are secured and require a login. Others are open access. 

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Affinity Pump Selection Tool

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Open up the world of Flowserve pumps with Affinity, a powerful, easy to use, pump selection system. 


Affinity is a state-of-the-art pump selection program from Flowserve. This Web-based tool delivers immediate, real-time access to the latest, most accurate data about Flowserve pumps. Use it to size a pump for a new application or gain access to performance information for an existing installed unit. Users can also save selections for future reference and generate technical documents specific to their hydraulic selection.


Affinity Pump Selection Tool requires the following technical requirements and configurations:



For optimal use of Affinity and to avoid accidental loss of your input data, please do not use the browser Refresh button after progressing beyond the 'Start' page of Affinity.


Questions, concerns or comments? Send your feedback about Affinity to: AffinitySupport@flowserve.com

Automated Drawing System

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From this site you can generate a dimensional product drawing. You will be asked to make selections that determine the drawing that will be sent to you by email. You can enter notes, drawing number, and order number fields that will be displayed on the finished drawing.

EvalSz Application

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EvalSz is an easy to use program that allows engineers and designers to correctly size and select Flowserve Edward gate, globe and check valves. This tool is web based and requires no software to download. Simply input the design conditions of your application and EvalSz will select the proper valve utilizing the latest pressure and temperature tables of ASME B16.34 or manufacturer's ratings. The program also provides flow characteristics, sales drawings, and catalog pages relevant to the recommended valves.

FlowSelex Portal Pump Selection Tool

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Flowselex Portal is Flowserve’s legacy pump section tool. It has been replaced by Affinity.