Steam Traps Optimize Energy Usage, Slash Costs

Steam traps are often an underutilized source for significant savings in steam distribution systems. Discover how steam traps can help optimize enerygy usage and slash costs.

Steam traps minimize steam waste to reduce energy consumption and cut costs. Data from recent research conducted by Flowserve shows the enormous cost-saving. Based on the study's results, a facility with 250 traps could save as much as $43,000 USD (€32,497) annually using thermostatic steam traps compared to using thermodynamic disc or inverted bucket designs (based on steam generation costs of $10 USD [€7.56] per 1,000 pounds).

In addition, steam traps can help a company become more sustainable by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Based upon steam saving per hour, one Flowserve Gestra steam trap saves a minimum of 16 million British Thermal Units per year. This means one steam trap can save 3,284 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year.

Flowserve research underscores the importance of getting the best performance from steam traps to avoid unnecessary energy waste. Thermostatic steam trap technology helps facilities optimize energy usage, curtail costs and protect the environment.

For more information about how steam traps can help optimize distribution systems performance and reduce costs, read the full Hidden Opportunities For Energy Saving article by two Flowserve experts.