CS/CSE Local & Remote Auxilary Control Stations

Limitorque's unique concept in remote control stations, the CS, can be provided in two versions. The basic CS can be used for virtually all of Limitorque's hardwired controls. It is compatible with 120 VAC or 220 VAC control schemes. The electronic version CSE is compatible with 2 VDC control schemes.

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  • Marcas:
  • Aplicaciones:
    Descarbonizar, Desalinización, Filtración, Producción de gas, Heavy Oil, Oil Sands and Shale, Molten Salt Transfer, Circulación en la caldera, Refinación y producción de petróleo, Sewage Collection and Treatment, Transferencia del depósito de petróleo, Water Supply and Distribution (water), Nuclear Service
  • Industrias:
    Power Generation, Mining, Oil and Gas, Nuclear Power, Tratamiento del agua, Tratamiento y recolección de agua residual, Abastecimiento y distribución de agua

The CS (Control Station) and CSE (Control Station-Electronic) provide REMOTE/STOP/LOCAL and OPEN/CLOSE hardwired controls for Limitorque actuators. Both versions include solid-state LEDs for position indication, and can be mounted remotely for ease of operation. The basic CS can be used for virtually all of Limitorque’s hardwired controls. It is compatible with 120 or 220 VAC control schemes. The electronic CSE can be used with legacy UEC controls and the MX and QX series of nonintrusive actuators. It is compatible with 24 VDC control schemes.


  • Two easy to use selector knobs — One for LOCAL-OFF-REMOTE operations (padlockable) and one for CLOSE-OPEN operation
  • Global hazardous and non-hazardous certifications
  • Remote mounting of device up to 328 ft (100 m) from actuator; for distances greater than 328 ft (100 m), consult factory
  • Solid-state LED's for long life and lower power consumption
  • Up to five decal text languages are available for international installations (apply to faceplate)
  • Replaces all previously supplied Limitorque SW stations

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Limitorque CS/CSE/CSL Control Stations Product Specifications

Limitorque CS/CSE/CSL Control Station/ Control Station- Electronic/ Control Station- Local product specifications

Limitorque CS/ CSE Control Station/ Control Station-Electronic Brochure

Brochure explaining Limitorque's announcement of a unique concept in remote control stations with the Control Station and Control Station-Electronic.

SMB Electric Actuators

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Limitorque L120 Multi-Turn Electric Actuator

Descripción: Flowserve Limitorque L120 series multi-turn actuators have a solid record of performance and reliability in many industries, including commercial and nuclear power, oil & gas refining and distribution, and water/wastewater treatment.

Limitorque MX Electronic Valve Actuator

Descripción: The Limitorque MX is the product entry in the non-intrusive, double-sealed, smart electronic actuator marketplace.

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