Exploration and Production

The search for hydrocarbons has led petroleum explorers to some of the harshest, most inhospitable environments imaginable, both onshore and offshore. From the permafrost of the Arctic Circle to the steaming sands of the Middle East and now to crushing subsea depths, the oil and gas industry is routinely conducting exploration and production operations. 

And Flowserve is there with them providing the industry’s broadest lines of API and specially engineered pumps, mechanical seals, valves and automation. Flowserve expertise and technology are customarily applied to critical applications like improved recovery techniques, including: waterflooding and CO2 injection; gas lift; FPSO production and processing; etc. Surface and subsea control and movement of single and multiphase well fluids and flow management for auxiliary applications like fire suppression, water treatment, seawater lift, ballast and many other services are all successfully addressed by Flowserve.

The new frontier of oil and gas exploration and production is subsea. Flowserve is prominent in the development of multiphase booster pumps, valves and submersible motors for this emerging upstream technology.

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Drilling and Oilfield Service
Offshore Production
Onshore Production

Drilling and Oilfield Service 

Flowserve contributes to the success of offshore drilling with its azimuthing thrusters, a key element in dynamic positioning of semi-submersible drilling rigs, drill ships, FPSOs, crane vessels and pipelay vessels. In dynamic positioning, special propellers, or thrusters, are mounted on the vessel’s hull below the waterline. GPS combined with sensors collecting information about the wind, waves and currents are sent to an onboard computer. This computer activates the thrusters to maintain the unit precisely on station.

There are many auxiliary drilling services where Flowserve plays a role. Some of these include firewater, ballast and seawater lift applications, chemical and water transfer. In addition to ISO/API and ISO/ANSI and special purpose pumps, Flowserve provides a wide variety of valves. These include isolation and bypass units, automated valves and control valves, and finite control valves.

In addition to expertise in drilling and oilfield products, Flowserve can also provide a host of engineering and technical services support to the end user:
•  Technology Advantage™ Portal
•  Pump, Valve and Seal Repair Services
•  Aftermarket Parts
•  Technical Assessments
•  Equipment Performance Improvements
•  Asset Data Management
•  Engineering Support
•  Online and On-site Training
•  Casting and Foundry Services

Offshore Production 

Offshore production presents a host of unique oil and gas flow and control challenges as the hunt for hydrocarbons has led to deep and often violent seascapes. This has made production much more arduous and hazardous. Flowserve offers extensive products and services to satisfy the pumping, sealing and valving needs and specific requirements of offshore platforms and FPSOs. These include:

•  Equipment fully compliant with ISO/API latest edition standards and customer specifications
•  Highly engineered, robust and reliable pump and valve systems adapted to offshore space and weight concerns, operating and environmental conditions
•  Extended equipment mean time between planned maintenance with authorized service wherever required

Flowserve produces a complete line of performance-proven equipment for all offshore production services. These include: water, gas and CO2 well injection; sea water lift and ballast rig water; firewater; production pipeline, manifolds and separation; compressor train seals and surge protection valves; process controls; water treatment; utilities; and general services.

Onshore Production 

Oil- and gas-well drilling continues at a high level of activity worldwide but with ever-increasing difficulties of location, landscape and depth. It is these types of challenges which have made Flowserve a leader in the development and application of advanced pumping, sealing and valving technologies for oil and gas wellfield applications.

Flowserve designed the first pumps for oil-field production and pioneered secondary recovery through high-pressure water injection. More recently, it was the first manufacturer of flow control products and systems to solve the problems associated with the pumping of dense phase CO2 for enhanced oil recovery. Flowserve accomplishments with gas lift valves are equally impressive. In fact, Flowserve provides complete natural gas valving solutions from the wellhead to the end user’s meter.

In addition to oil and gas recovery, Flowserve pumps, seals and valves are found throughout the oil patch. Multiphase pumping, production manifolds, gas treatment and gas-oil separation (GOSP) are vital services along with compressor surge protection and sealing. Source water, water treatment and utilities require reliable and efficient equipment performance.

Flowserve equipment is key in obtaining synthetic crude from tar sands. This requires flexibility and reliability in both bitumen mining-extraction as well as the more traditional oil production services. These include: hard metal slurry and transport applications; steam-assisted gravity drainage services (SAGD); froth solutions; low-shear; and hard metal tailings applications.


Deepwater subsea well fields are transforming the oil and gas industry. Submerged production systems (SPS) and underwater manifold centers (UMC) require creative pumping and valving solutions. Oil and gas treatment may be performed on a platform containing separating and treating equipment, compressors, pumps, dehydrators, special storage tanks and other fluid-handling equipment. In some subsea completions, oil, gas and water are routed through production risers to a floating buoy where an oil tanker transports the produced fluids to shore for separation and treatment. Alternatively, a processing and storage ship is moored to the buoy where reservoir fluids are separated, treated and stored on the ship. When the ship is full, it transports the hydrocarbons to a receiving terminal on shore.

Whether onshore or offshore, Flowserve has a comprehensive offering of pumps, valves and seals to handle gas-oil separating and treating application needs. With its extraordinary experience and capabilities in hydraulic and mechanical design, submersible motor technology and materials engineering, Flowserve is successfully addressing the demanding requirements of subsea oil and gas production.

Flowserve contributions to subsea equipment technology include: multiphase booster pumps to drive reservoir fluids to the surface; subsea safety isolation valves for FPSO or platform installations; isolation valves for subsea modules and for single buoy loading/unloading systems; large diameter pipeline manifold (PLEM) and end terminal (PLET) isolation valves; subsea hot tapping; and submersible motors.