Power Generation

Pumping system reliability for plant availability assurance — nuclear, fossil fuel, renewable

Reliability and plant availability are the overriding issues facing the power generation industry. Maximizing output is paramount. This requires complete pumping system reliability and continuous technical support to achieve these goals. This applies to traditional fossil fuel and nuclear power generation as well as renewable power technologies such as geothermal and concentrated solar power (CSP).

In addition to reliability, today’s power generators need engineering and design expertise to exploit advances in nuclear power station design and clean coal technologies. This includes the capture of CO2 for off-site injection or incorporation of CO2 in the combustion process. Renewable energy providers must find ways to reduce costs and commercialize their technologies.

Having pioneered numerous advancements in pumping technology for power generation, Flowserve offers a wide range of pumps and related products to meet the evolving needs of the power industry, regardless of generation method.