Anchor/Darling and Durco Butterfly Valves for Power Generation

BrandAnchor Darling
DescriptionAnchor/Darling has applied our vast knowledge and experience in materials, manufacturing, and design to our butterfly valves.…

Durco BTV Lined Butterfly Valve

DescriptionThe Durco designed the BTV Lined Butterfly Valve to provide reliable leak-free service on a wide range of corrosive chemicals.…

Durco Big Max BX2001 Butterfly Valve

DescriptionDurco designed the Big Max BX2001 Butterfly Valve to provide reliable maxium performance on a wide variety of applications…

Durco RX Butterfly Valves

BrandDurco, Flowserve
DescriptionThe Flowserve Durco RX Butterfly Valves are a family of rubber-lined valves that provide economical, reliable service.

Valtek Valdisk™ Control Valve

DescriptionThe Valtek Valdisk™ is a heavy-duty, double offset butterfly valve used whenever high capacity is needed with the lowest…

Valdisk TX3

BrandValtek, Valtek EMA
DescriptionThe Valtek Valdisk TX3 is a heavy-duty, triple offset butterfly valve that provides reliable long-lasting zero leakage shutoff.…

Valtek Valdisk™ BX Control Valve

DescriptionThe Flowserve Valtek Valdisk™ BX Control Valve is a rugged and dependable butterfly control valve. This valve is available…

Slimseal Butterfly Valve

BrandSerck Audco
DescriptionThe Slimseal is a wafer type butterfly valve with an integrally bonded elastomer liner. Requiring absolutely no form of…


DescriptionHigh performance butterfly valve. Triple offset disc for tight shut-off and to eliminate seat wear.