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    Cooling Systems, Slurry Processing, Slurry Transfer, Cooling Systems, Hydrotreating, Solvents, Automotive and Aircraft, Cooling Water - Metals, Leaching Acid, Aerospace, Alkylation, Crude Handling and Treatment, Logistics and Tank Farm, Steam Systems, Boiler Circulation Systems, Crude Pipeline, Miscellaneous Services, Steam Systems, Boiler Circulation Systems, Cryogenic, OEM, Utilities, Boiler Feedwater Systems, Delayed Coking, Paper Stock, Volatile Organic Compounds, Boiler Feedwater Systems, Descaling, Pharmaceuticals, Waste Processing, Bleach Chemicals, Dewatering & Water Supply, Plating, Galvanizing and Other Coatings, Water Handling and Treatment, Catalytic Cracking, Digester, Polymers, Water Injection, Caustic and Chlor-Alkali, Distillation, Primary Processing, Acid Transfer, Condensate Systems, Electronics, Products Pipeline, Agriculture, Condensate Systems, Fire Protection - General Industry, SAGD, Auxiliary, Chemical and Liquor, Food Processing, Scale Recycle, Coatings, HVACI, Heavy Oil and Upgrading, Construction, Hydrocraking, Hydraulic Press

Focused seal designs to meet the most specific application requirements. In many cases the equipment to be sealed is custom engineered, which requires special sealing solutions. Flowserve FSD has a dedicated team of mixer seal engineers who are able to design a mixer seal to handle special requirements, such as large axial and radial movements, large sizes, high pressures, high temperatures. Existing basic seal parts are used as much as possible, but new designs can be made if necessary.

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This products and services brochure is designed to make you familiar with the latest Seal Group products and services.


Description: ML-platform non contacting


Description: MW-platform liquid seal


Description: null

M Series DIN

Description: ML-200 DIN


Description: Outside balanced seal designed to operate under relatively high pressures and low speeds


Description: Split seal

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