Reliable, cost-effective pumping systems for the most abrasive, corrosive services

The varying and complex methods used to extract and process minerals are among the most demanding services in the pump industry. Beneficiation (i.e., grinding and classifying, separating, concentrating) present the most abrasive of all pump applications. Pumping chemicals reagents for in situ, dump and heap leaching requires high pressures and high flow rates, combined with maximum chemical resistance. The refining operations of smelting and electrowinning utilize pumping systems for a variety of applications, from powerhouse to acid recovery and electrolyte transfer. Special purpose pumps for dewatering and slurry pipeline provide special challenges.

Selecting the most suitable metallic or rubber lining materials and specifying the most effective pump types and models are crucial for the installation of a reliable, cost-effective pump system. The comprehensive range of products and broad industry experience of its engineers has made Flowserve a leading force in mining and mineral ore processing. Flowserve can provide pumping systems with proven reliability for applications site-wide.

  • Water-handling Pumps, including deep well submersible motor pumps; vertical turbine and wet-pit pumps; close coupled or frame mounted general service pumps; single- and multistage between bearings pumps; and reciprocating pumps
  • Milling and Processing Pumps for primary cyclone feed, tailings, chemical slurries and fines, including: hard metal and rubber-lined abrasive slurry pumps; overhung chemical slurry pumps; fully lined API slurry pumps; and engineered vertical cantilever slurry pumps
  • Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning Pumps, including vertical turbine and wet-pit pumps; ISO or ASME (ANSI) chemical process pumps; and heavy-duty, horizontal and vertical process pumps for leach applications

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