Depending on the process, the compressor discharge gas being used for seal supply gas may be wet and dirty.

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Cleanpac is designed to help keep the dry gas seal free from contaminants like entrained liquids, aerosols and particles where a conventional coalescing filter system can not manage the volume of these contaminants.

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Turbomachinery Sealing Solutions

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Turbomachinery Sealing Solutions (Gaspac, Turbopac, Circpac, Supplypac, Cleanpac, Ampliflow, Drypac, N2 Genpac)

Gaspac® T Tandem Compressor Seal

Description: Tandem compressor seal

Turbopac™ 2100 Bi-directional Balanced Double Mechanical Seal

Description: Bi-directional balanced double mechanical seal

Turbopac™ 368 Bi-directional Balanced Single or Double Mechanical Seal

Description: Oil lubricated seal for screw compressors

Turbopac™ 375 Bi-directional Balanced Single Mechanical Seal

Description: Oil lubricated liquid seal

Circpac™ LO

Description: Circpac LO is an engineered segmented carbon ring gas seal with higher pressure capabilities than typical separation seals in the industry.

Gaspac® L Compressor Seal

Description: Tandem with interstage labyrinth

Gaspac® S Single Compressor Seal

Description: Single compressor seal

Gaspac® S-IR

Description: A ductile rotor/sleeve dry gas seal that features fewer parts and secondary seals.

Gaspac® D Double Compressor Seal

Description: Double compressor seal

Circpac™ Circumferential Barrier Seal

Description: Floating ring nitrogen barrier seal

Circpac™ HP Engineered Segmented Circumferential Gas Seal

Description: High performance circumferential seal

Gaspac® D-IR

Description: A ductile rotor/sleeve dry gas seal that features fewer parts and secondary seals.

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