Edward Bolted Bonnet - Globe (Stop-Check) Valve

A small bore, forged globe valve with a bolted bonnet for easy maintenance. Available in class 800 and 1500 from sizes 1/2 to 2 inches .

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  • Brands:
  • Applications:
    Utility, Condensate, Condensate Cooling Water, Geothermal, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, High Pressure Safety Injection, Shutdown Cooling, Hydrocarbon Processing, Hydrocracking, Petroleum Production and Refining, Power Generation, Safety Systems, High Temperature Service
  • Industries:
    Cooling Systems, Heavy Oil and Upgrading, Nuclear Power, OEM, Power Generation, Pressurized Water Reactors - Non-safety, Condensate Systems, Steam Systems, Boiler Circulation Systems, Boiler Feed, Boiler Feedwater Systems, Boiling Water Reactors Non-safety, SAGD
  • Standards:
    Nuclear, ISO 9001:2000, ASME (ANSI), ISO
  • Misc:
    High Pressure, High Temp

The Flowserve Edward Bolted Bonnet Globe (Stop-Check) Valve is small bore, forged and equipped with a bolted bonnet to provide easy maintenance. This globe valve is manufactured with unique features that allow it to work consistently and efficiently. These features include: 

  • Sure grip, even wearing gloves, because of a rugged, knobbed handwheel
  • ACME threads
  • Reduced torque and stem wear due to a low coefficient of friction
  • Positive sealing with the use of a spiral wound gasket
  • Ease of assembly because of the four bolt design
  • Ensured proper alignment with the equipped pilot extension
  • Prevention of over-compression of gasket with the use of a positive metal to metal stop
  • Positive shutoff, long seat life and leak protection due to the integral hard surfaced seat and the secondary stem seal backup
  • Optimum seal ability and life with the flexible graphite packing material equipped with anti-extrusion rings
  • Minimized flow direction changes and reduced pressure drop by utilizing optimized flow passages
  • Eliminated misalignment, galling and stem bending provided by anti-thrust rings

Available in class 800 and 1500 from sizes 1/2 to 2 inches. 

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