MSX Overhung, Solids Handling, Submersible Pump

The Flowserve MSX family of solids handling, submersible pumps is engineered to perform efficiently in the most challenging environments, from pumping raw sewage to moving industrial wastewater and solids-laden liquids.

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  • Brands:
  • Applications:
    Water Treatment, Flood Control, Auxiliary Services (power), Chemical and Liquor (pulp and paper), Waste Processing, Ground Water Development and Irrigation, Offsites and Waste Treatment, Sewage Collection and Treatment, Dewatering and Water Supply (mining)
  • Industries:
    Chemical Processing, Mining, Water Resources, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Oil and Gas

High-Efficiency Hydraulics reduce energy consumption and operating costs while providing constant, predictable pumping performance.

EPACT-Rated Motor offers high-efficiency performance for impressive energy savings.

Spike-Resistant Windings provide smooth, consistent motor performance and the ability to handle voltage spikes with variable frequency drive motor option.

Class H Insulation System significantly extends motor life.

Shaft and Rotor are dynamically balanced for reduced vibration to ensure smooth operation and long service life.


  • MSX-Series 1
    • Solids handling to 80 mm (3 in) spherical
    • Watertight cable entry
    • Long-life, angular contact bearings
    • Environmentally friendly sealing fluid
    • Sizes to 150 mm (6 in)
  • MSX-Series 2/3
    • Solids handling to 80 mm (3 in) spherical
    • Easy access terminal chamber
    • Closed-loop cooling design
    • Heat exchanger for additional motor cooling
    • Long-life, tapered roller bearings
    • Sizes to 500 mm (20 in)
  • Mounting options
    • Wet-pit
    • Dry-pit
    • Transportable

Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 4545 m3/h (20 000 gpm)
  • Heads to 90 m (300 ft)
  • Temperatures to 40°C (104°F)
  • Discharge sizes from 80 mm (3 in) to 500 mm (920 in)
  • Motor to 224 kW (300 hp)
  • Solids handling to 80 mm (3 in) diameter spherical

MSX Overhung, Solids Handling, Submersible Pump Chart

MSX Overhung, Solids Handling, Submersible Pump App

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MSX Schmutzwasser - Tauchpumpen Druckschrift

Flowserve MSX Schmutzwasser - Tauchpumpen

Le pompage de l’eau Pompes

Flowserve Le pompage de l’eau Captage et adduction d’eau, Traitement et transport de l’eau, Eaux usées, Irrigation, Maîtrise des crues et drainage

Bombas Recursos Hidráulicos

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8.5 x 11

Flowserve Recursos hidráulicos: Captación y conducción de agua; Tratamiento y distribución; Aguas residuales; Riego; Control de inundaciones, diques secos y drenaje

Водные ресурсы Насосы

Flowserve Водные ресурсы - Источники воды и ее перекачка - Обработка и распределение воды - Сточные воды - Ирригация - Контроль паводковых вод, осушение доков и осушение почв

Risorse Idriche Pompe

Flowserve Risorse Idriche: Presa e Movimentazione delle Acque; Trattamento e Trasferimento; Acque di Rifiuto; Irrigazione; Controllo Inondazioni, Bacini di Carenaggio e Drenaggio

Wasserressourcen Pumpen

Flowserve Wasserversorgung Wassergewinnung und Wasserversorgung, Aufbereitungs- und Verteileranlagen, Abwasser, Bewässerungsanlagen, Hochwasserschutz, Trockendocks, Entwässerung

الموارد المائية مضخات

فلوسيرف مضخات الموارد المائية - مصدر المياه ونقل المياه. العلاج والتوزيع - مياه الصرف الصحي - الري

水资源市场公告 泵

Flowserve 水资源:用于水资源和水输送;处理和分配;废水;灌溉;抗洪;干码头和排水的泵

Snabdijevanje vodom Pumpe

Flowserve Snabdijevanje vodom - Izvori i prijenos vode Prerada i distribucija - otpadne vode - navodnjavanje Kontrola poplava, suhi dokovi i odvodnja

MSX Pump Bulletin

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8.5 x 11

Flowserve MSX Pumps - Solids Handling, Submersible Pumps

MSX Maintenance Checklist

Flowserve MSX - Solids-Handling, Submersible Pumps

Water Resources Pumps

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8.5 x 11

Flowserve Pumps for Water Resources - Source Water and Water Transmission; Treatment and Distribution - Waste Water - Irrigation; Flood Control, Dry Docks and Drainage

MPT Self-Priming, Overhung, Solids Handling Pump

Description: The Flowserve MPT is a self-priming, solids handling pump designed to provide reliable, peak performance and low cost in demanding services containing suspended solids. The MPT deftly handles dirty, gritty water as well as free-flowing slurries, sewage, sewage sludge and many trade effluents.

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