Pac-Seal Type 21 and 31 Seals

Severe Duty Seal

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    Waste Processing, Inorganic Chemicals, OEM, Petrochemical Processing, Chillers, Dewatering, Evaporators, Boiler Circulation, Storm Water, Waste Treatment, Injection, Offshore, Petroleum Distribution, Chemical Processing, Desalination, Fertilizer, Beverage Processing, Sugar Processing, Wet Pit, Intake, Offsites, Power Recovery, Chemical Transfer, Diesel Fuel, Fire Protection, Boiler Feed Booster, Synthetic Fuels, Geothermal, Industrial Plant Services, Oil Production, Recycling Services, Circulation, Deep Well, Flood Control, Brine Injection, River Flows, Synthetics, General Processing Industry, Irrigation, Oil Transportation, Residential, Circulating Water, Dredging, Flammable Liquids, Bioprocessing, Reverse Osmosis, Turbine Cooling, Greases and Fats, Jockey Pump Services, Organic Chemicals, Building Trades and Services, Cargo Loading and Unloading, Drainage, Filtration, Bulk Chemicals, Screen Wash, Tank Car Loading, Water Cooling, Mixed Liquor, Powering Auxilliary Equipment, Boiler Feed, Coolants, Drum, Fine Chemicals, Sea Water Intake, Tank Car Unloading, Water Injection, Light Oils, Petroleum Production and Refining, Bilge, Cooling Tower, Dry Dock, Fountains, Sea Water, Cleaners and Toilet Goods, Water Pollution, Lube Oil Transfer and Feed, Gasoline, Booster, Component Cooling, Difficult-to-Seal Liquids, Food Processing, Sewage, Treatment, Water Supply, Light Slurries, Power Generation, Bottle Washing, Condensate Extraction, Effluent, Fuel, Solids Handling, Utility, Water Treatment, Lubricating Oil, Pharmaceuticals, Brine Disposal, Condensate, Emergency Feedwater, Feedwater Booster, Slurries, Valuable Liquids, High Rise Buildings, Makeup, Pollution Control, Brine, Condensate Cooling Water, Emissions Reduction, Gas Production, Solvents, Waste Water, High Temperature Service, Marine, Potable Water, Brine Treatment, Commercial, Environmental Services, Ag-Chem, Sump Drain Off, Water, Heat Exchangers, Mining, Powering Pumps and Compressors, Car Wash, Construction, Energy Recovery, Agriculture, Sump Service, Water Boosting, Heat Transfer Fluids, Mine Dewatering, Process, Cooling Water, Condenser Cooling, Erosive Services, Aquariums, Snowmaking, Well, HVAC, Municipal, Primary Coolant, Cooling Systems, Cryogenic Service, Essential Service Water, Auxiliary Feed, Soap, Washdown

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Pac-Seal Type 21

For well water, diesel engine coolant, waster water, boiler feed, cooking oil, and compressors

Pac-Seal Type 31

For agriculture, construction, sewage/waste water, oilfield, trash pumps, drainage pumps, coolant pumps, mining, horizontal drilling, food processing, cryogenics

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