Flowserve Gestra

Gestra Recognized as a global leader in the design and production of valves and control systems for heat and process fluid control, Gestra products and services provide a full line of steam solutions for all commercial and industrial applications where steam is generated, distributed, or used.

The GESTRA product range includes steam traps, steam trap testing units, non-return valves, swing check valves, control valves, continuous blowdown and intermittent blowdown valves, and oil detectors. In providing effective level control, TDS control and temperature monitoring, GESTRA components ensure the safe operation of pressurized hot-water and steam plants, and also prevent production outages.



  • Training seminars combining theory and practice for all steam related engineering
  • Valve product range comprises a large selection of materials to suit various media, together with the pressure ratings and nominal diameters for your special application.
  • Products for technical equipment of energy supply facilities, whether for steam or hot-water plants, are always the embodiment of reliability and safety
  • Special Equipment and Vessels for Heat Recovery
  • Product-Range provides Loading and Unloading Systems, Rapid-Action Safety Bottom Valves, Rail Hooks, Rapid-Action Dome Bonnet Valves and External Isolating Valves