Valtek Valdisk™ Control Valve

The Valtek Valdisk™ is a heavy-duty, double offset butterfly valve used whenever high capacity is needed with the lowest possible pressure loss. Available in pressure classes 150-2500 in carbon steel and stainless steel as standard materials with a wide variety of alloys as options.

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  • Brands:
  • Applications:
    Fire Protection, Gas Industry Service , Condenser Cooling, Gas Scrubbing, Utility, Industrial Plant Services, Mine Dewatering, Pipeline, River Flows, Cooling Water
  • Industries:
    Auxiliary, Chemical and Liquor, Cooling Systems, Volatile Organic Compounds, Logistics and Tank Farm, Miscellaneous Services, Solvents, Fire Protection - General Industry
  • Standards:
    ISO 9001:2000, ASME (ANSI)

The high-performance Valtek Valdisk Rotary Control Valve uses pressure assisted Jam-lever Toggle seating concepts. These concepts achieve bi-directional, bubble-tight shutoff while maintaining low breakout torque at both high and low pressure drops. 

  • Valdisk is available in carbon steel, 316 stainless steel and other alloys. It is also available in ANSI Classes 150 through 2500 in sizes 2" though 30". 
  • Jam-lever Toggle seating assures low breakout torque by utilizing the pressure drop across the valve to aid the seating process. Since the pressure drop supplies much of the seating force, the need for strong actuator seating force, and therefore breakout torque, is reduced. 
  • Combined with Valdisk's high-thrust cylinder actuator and eccentric-cammed disc, it is possible to achieve especially high performance throttling, even in large pressure drops close to the seat. 
  • A double offset has been designed into the disc to lift it out of the seat immediately upon actuation. This avoids wear on the seat and disc, while reducing leakage and parts replacement. The elimination of friction also improves throttling.

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Valtek Valdisk Control Valves Technical Brochure

This technical brochure provides technical details on the application and use of the Valtek Valdisk Control Valve.

Valtek Valdisk Control Valves User Instructions (IOM)

Valtek Valdisk Control Valves User Instructions: Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (IOM)

Valdisk Butterfly Valve Certificate

Valdisk Butterfly Valve

Valtek Valdisk Safety Manual SIL

This Safety Manual provides information necessary to design, install, verify and maintain a Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) utilizing a Flowserve Valdisk Butterfly Valve and Cylinder Actuator. This manual provides necessary requirements for meeting the IEC 61508 or IEC 61511 functional safety standards.

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