Turbopac™ 2100 Bi-directional Balanced Double Mechanical Seal

Bi-directional balanced double mechanical seal

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    Crude Handling and Treatment, Catalytic Cracking, Alkylation, NGL, Products Pipeline, Delayed Coking, Hydrotreating, Hydrocraking, Gas Treatment, Gas-to-Liquids, Distillation, LNG

The Turbopac 2100 is a bi-directional balanced double mechanical seal. The constructional design on the gas side corresponds to a Turbopac 375, combined with a high-pressure seal on the atmospheric side. The special structural design of the seal faces allow higher pressures to be sealed at high circumferential speed. As a cartridge design, this seal provides unique benefits of a high pressure compressor mechanical seal.

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Turbomachinery Sealing Solutions

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Turbomachinery Sealing Solutions (Gaspac, Turbopac, Circpac, Supplypac, Cleanpac, Ampliflow, Drypac, N2 Genpac)

N2 Genpac

Description: Nitrogen purities between 95% and 99%


Description: Helps increase the MTBF of dry gas seals


Description: A modular-based dry gas seal support system that simplifies the typical dry gas seal control panel.


Description: Ampliflow was developed to help eliminate process contamination, the number one cause of dry gas seal failures.


Description: Depending on the process, the compressor discharge gas being used for seal supply gas may be wet and dirty.

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