Reactive Alloy Process

Flowserve is one of the few foundries in the United States to specialize in high-quality titanium casting as part of its Reactive Alloy Process.

By utilizing the technological advantages of induction skull melting with specially modified investment molding and rammed refractory processes, Flowserve Dayton Foundry can produce competitively priced, superior titanium castings.

Reactive Alloy Capabilities

Reactive AlloyIn addition to titanium castings, Flowserve Dayton Foundry also produces zirconium and specialty reactive alloy castings through its Reactive Alloy Process.

Standard Alloys

  • ASTM B367 Grade C-2 and C-3 commercially pure titanium
  • ASTM B367 Grade C-7A, C-7B, C-8A, C-8B
  • ASTM B367 Grade C-5, Ti-6AI-4V
  • ASTM B752 Grade 702C, 705C

Specialty Titanium and Zirconium Alloys

  • Ti-55Ni "Nitinol" shape memory alloy
  • Titanium aluminides
  • Over 3000 different reactive alloys


  • ASTM E446 Level I and II quality available
  • Chemistries and mechanical properties meet or exceed ASTM B367 and B752

Maximum Weights

For titanium:

  • 70 lb (32 kg) gross; 50 lb (23 kg) net

For zirconium:

  • 80 lb (36 kg) gross; 50 lb (23 kg) net

Maximum Casting Size

  • 26 in (660 mm) x 26 in (660 mm) plan view, 30 in (760 mm) height
  • Larger parts can be made by fabrication

Minimum Casting Wall Thickness

  • 0.050 in (1.27 mm) depending on part configuration


  • ± 0.005 in/in (±0.005 mm/mm)

Surface Finish

  • 125 RMS (as cast)