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    Flowserve Services and Solutions can help reduce the life cycle costs associated with the most important aspects of plant operation.

Flowserve LifeCycle Advantage

A unique, collaborative program specifically designed to help companies in the process industries improve equipment performance, streamline inventory management, and reduce costs through standardization and procurement efficiency.

> Flowserve LifeCycle Advantage: The Proven Leader in Equipment Management
> Equipment Performance: Improving Reliability and Delivering Results
> Equipment Standardization and Inventory Optimization: Cutting Costs Through Streamlined Inventory Management
> Strategic Procurement: For Improved Transaction Efficiency
> Technical Support: A Collaborative Relationship
> Training and Consultative Services: Support for Your Team at Every Stage


Flowserve LifeCycle Advantage:
The Proven Leader in Equipment Management

Flowserve LifeCycle Advantage has helped a North American refining company save approximately $47 million over a 7-year period. These documented cost savings were achieved through reliability improvements, inventory optimization, and reduced maintenance and internal costs.
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Flowserve is the industry leader in equipment management programs for the process industries, with more than 250 agreements worldwide based on the LifeCycle Advantage methodology.

Imagine the gains possible in reliability and performance if you could immediately tap into and implement your industry’s best practices in equipment management. Picture the cost savings and efficiencies you could achieve if, instead of equipment vendors, you had a partner who understood your goals and was accountable for helping you reach them.

The LifeCycle Advantage program from Flowserve can help you realize results like those, starting today. A proprietary equipment management process, LifeCycle Advantage is customized to meet every customer’s unique operating goals and rotating equipment, mechanical seal, or valve and automation requirements. The result is immediate impact in operating performance and quick delivery of results to the bottom line.

More than a supply of products, LifeCycle Advantage is a comprehensive program that combines experience and ongoing support from Flowserve to maximize reliability and optimize performance of your systems and equipment. Together we’ll minimize downtime, streamline inventory, reduce costs and extend equipment life—all the while assuring the reliability of your rotating equipment or valve and automation assets.

LifeCycle Advantage incorporates a rigorous and structured approach to implementing, improving, and realizing results in equipment management. Our powerful Flowstar Technology enables data management, analysis of problem areas, and reporting to make timely and informed decisions regarding equipment performance.

In LifeCycle Advantage, an unparalleled combination of people, processes, and experience come together to deliver immediate improvements in equipment reliability, operational efficiency, and delivered cost savings.

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Equipment Performance: Improving Reliability and Delivering Results

"We recognized that if we focused on two main areas - preventing breakdowns from happening and implementing standardization programs to reduce inventory - we would be ahead."

- Machinery Engineer,
  Global Energy Company
LifeCycle Advantage
LifeCycle Advantage Image

Flowserve has decades of experience serving the needs of process-driven companies. LifeCycle Advantage leverages the Flowserve expertise in equipment management with your team’s process knowledge to increase reliability of industrial process systems while simultaneously maximizing their performance. A track record of more than 250 successful LifeCycle Advantage agreements around the globe is a testament to the quantifiable results Flowserve can deliver.

We begin with a complete survey of your equipment and documentation of its maintenance history in order to identify critical and under-performing equipment, and then work to determine the root causes of failures and propose corrective courses of action.

Key performance indicators are established to measure program success and implementation teams meet routinely to review performance indicators and assure program goals are met. The result: Fewer equipment failures, less downtime, lower total cost of ownership and increased overall profitability.

Flowstar technology captures knowledge and powers analysis that, together, enable LifeCycle Advantage to deliver unparalleled results:

  • Integrated information for one or multiple plants that resides in a central data repository
  • Access to information used for equipment optimization 24 hours a day
  • Easy evaluation of equipment reliability, pinpointing of problem areas, and visibility to make timely, informed decisions to manage equipment assets safely and profitably
  • Business and industry best practices learned from root cause and benchmarking — Scalable program that powers comprehensive equipment management for rotating equipment or valves and automation

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Equipment Standardization and Inventory Optimization: Cutting Costs Through Streamlined Inventory Management


"We want to extend this to other sites. As we increase our leverage with Flowserve it gives both companies greater opportunities to reduce price, better manage inventory and create more of a win-win situation."

- Sourcing Leader,
  Global Chemical Producer

LifeCycle Advantage Image
LifeCycle Advantage Image

While the LifeCycle Advantage program is based on a highly structured implementation process, every LifeCycle Advantage agreement is carefully customized to meet each customer’s unique operating goals and requirements.

One of the first steps is to optimize your inventory costs and streamline the activities related to inventory management. Once a complete survey of your equipment has been completed, we pinpoint opportunities for standardization and inventory reductions or modifications.

After evaluating inventory options, an inventory management program is established in conjunction with just-in-time equipment procurement. A targeted program is created to reduce both transaction and carrying costs. Flowserve manages this important aspect of the LifeCycle Advantage solution to reduce the number of inventory items that need to be controlled, and helps plants reduce inventory costs and related expenses. This allows your personnel to focus on more profitable, mission-critical activities.

Your LifeCycle Advantage agreement will include plans of action for streamlining inventory activities through:

  • A comprehensive analysis of current inventory and inventory requirements
  • Recommendations for the consolidation and reduction of inventory
  • Assignment of criticality and availability ratings for pump, seal valve, and automation assets

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Strategic Procurement:
For Improved Transaction Efficiency

LifeCycle Advantage Image 
"Flowserve LifeCycle Advantage eliminates the need for us to spend resources on assessment each time there is a request for an equipment upgrade."

- Reliability Engineer,
  U.S. Refining Company
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In addition to the hard costs of materials and services, the Flowserve LifeCycle Advantage program also focuses on reducing the man-hours and administration associated with procurement. Our program promotes a collaborative relationship driving cost reduction and efficiency.

As part of your LifeCycle Advantage agreement, we’ll review procurement processes and help you reduce the number of transactions, minimize procurement paperwork, and increase your administrative productivity. By consolidating business with Flowserve, customers process fewer purchase orders and invoices.

The key to driving efficiency is having the proper personnel, processes, and tools available. LifeCycle Advantage enhances all three elements at your plant. By leveraging our equipment expertise and enhancing your existing processes, we can make immediate impacts, reducing costs and increasing productivity.

LifeCycle Advantage can help you optimize procurement by:

  • Automating and streamlining the entire procurement process
  • Updating part codes and product nomenclature in business systems
  • Providing clear documentation of reduced inventories, improved reliability, and cost savings
  • Performing periodic reviews to evaluate performance and maintain focus on procurement efficiency

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Technical Support:
A Collaborative Relationship

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"Flowserve LifeCycle Advantage has been a tremendous benefit for us. We're saving much more than the cost of the program. When people ask me, 'Why were you guys so successful?'  I tell them that the main reason is that we have a good, committed relationship between Flowserve and us."

- Rotating Equipment Engineer,
  North American Refiner
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LifeCycle Advantage brings together a global team of mechanical sealing experts, rotating equipment specialists, reliability engineers, and specialists in valves and automation. This may be on-site at your facility or through the global network of service experts and Quick Response Centers from Flowserve.

On-site technical support for your rotating equipment or valve and automation equipment is augmented by the resources of the advanced technical development facilities from Flowserve, where equipment can be modeled and tested in actual running conditions through computer-aided and finite element analysis programs.

Flowserve specialists use their experience and industry best practices to help improve equipment performance and solve difficult applications.

The Flowserve network of Quick Response and Service Centers provides customers worldwide with immediate access to technical consultants, replacement parts and extensive service and repair offerings.

Your LifeCycle Advantage team includes technical and resource support from a global network of engineers and specialists whose responsibilities include:

  • Troubleshooting and recommendations in the field
    regarding installation, design, and operations
  • Oversight and coordination of standardization and inventory programs
  • Providing application engineering and technical support

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Training and Consultative Services:
Support for Your Team at Every Stage


"What Flowserve brings to the table is asset productivity gains. They reduce inventory. They bring skill and technology. They perform root cause analysis. In the current arena of generalists that most companies have running the site, it's nice to have the expert to help evaluate the need and analyze the failure."

- Maintenance Superintendent,
  Global Chemical Producer

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The unique combination of people, processes, and experience from Flowserve has helped leading companies in more than 70 countries worldwide improve the performance levels of their rotating equipment or valve and automation equipment, and lower their total cost of ownership. There has never been a better time to put that same experience in motion for your operation. For more information or to initiate a LifeCycle Advantage agreement, call today or visit us online at www.flowserve.com

Flowserve looks at learning from a customer’s perspective, which is why students always come away with the skills needed to increase their company’s competitive position. Standard and customized programs are available to train operators, maintenance personnel, and engineers, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to improve the performance of their equipment.

The Flowserve Educational Services group provides educationally sound hands-on technical training in equipment design, operation, and maintenance in our state-of-the-art Learning Resource Centers throughout the world. In addition, we provide customized on-site training where we bring the training to you.

The LifeCycle Advantage program also provides access to additional consultative services such as system analysis, diagnostics and energy management. These advanced services deliver expertise in equipment performance and reliability to pinpoint problem areas, diagnose complete system impacts, and deliver solutions to improve the operation of your plant.

Flowserve Educational Services enhance the value of your LifeCycle Advantage agreement by providing:

  • Certified professional development that addresses necessary core competencies and real-world experiences
  • Access to Flowserve’s state-of-the-art Learning Resource Center and Global Training facilities
  • Standard and customized programs focusing on rotating equipment, mechanical seals and valves and automation

Contact us to learn more about the Flowserve LifeCycle Advantage program

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