Reliable rotating equipment: A Flowserve specialty

Renessenz LLC partnered with Flowserve to get exceptional equipment performance from their pumps and actuators producing top-of-the-line specialty chemicals and fragrances

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Eight years ago, Flowserve began working with Renessenz LLC (formerly LyondellBasell), a specialty chemical, flavor and fragrance company. With two plants in the United States located in Jacksonville, Florida, and Brunswick, Georgia, Renessenz has more than 1,000 pieces of rotating equipment. Needing better performance from their pumps and agitators, they saw an opportunity to partner with Flowserve and signed a LifeCycle Advantage (LCA) agreement. Now it was up to Flowserve to show Renessenz how to get the very best rotating equipment performance.

Flowserve LifeCycle Advantage

Life Cycle Advantage is a Flowserve program that can help customers see drastic improvements in their rotating equipment.

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The relationship began when Flowserve was asked to solve issues with the plant’s worst “bad actor” pump. After analyzing the failed seals and studying the process conditions, a custom, heavy-duty seal was designed for the application. The solution worked and the pump did not fail again for years.

In 2004, the mean time between failure (MTBF) of the Brunswick and Jacksonville plant pumps was nine and 12 months, respectively, using competitor seals on more than 98% of the rotating equipment population. In keeping with the proven Flowserve LCA structure, subsequent bad actors were approached, solutions implemented and problems solved. These early successes developed into a long lasting, mutually successful relationship that has taken the two plants from a combined 11-month MTBF to 111 months MTBF and a savings of more than $525,000 annually.

As Flowserve partnered with Renessenz to complete failure analyses, implement process recommendations, track issues and provide proactive training and inspections, the plant’s MTBF went up – and very quickly. “As you reduce the number of failures, it allows the team to spend more time diligently and purposefully making improvements and less time combating problems,” said Tim Hope, Flowserve sales engineer. “It also frees up more capital and allows the customer to make needed upgrades.”

In October 2009, Renessenz reached 100 months MTBF. Many plants reach such a peak and lose focus on their programs, since pump reliability is no longer their top budget strain. However, the Flowserve continuous improvement mindset is just that: continuous. Renessenz refuses to accept anything but solid installations, best practices and proven methods that achieve results. “By trusting Flowserve as a partner, we have increased our reliability tenfold with a huge reduction of downtime and dramatic total cost savings,” says Frank Upton, Renessenz maintenance manager. “Developing relationships where everyone brings value to the table yields world-class performance and cost savings. Together, Flowserve and Renessenz have achieved this.”

Because of the success of the initial mechanical seal partnership, Renessenz recently purchased its first Flowserve pump. With more than 1,000 pieces of rotating equipment in the plants, that means many more opportunities for Flowserve and Renessenz to work together to improve performance. Adds Hope, “It’s great to build those relationships with customers and become a trusted partner.”


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