SL 5000

Single, balanced, multi-spring, cartridge, pusher seal

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    Waste Processing, Acid Transfer, Desalination, Water Supply and Distribution, Automotive and Aircraft, Construction, Water Treatment, Auxiliary, Cooling Water - Metals, Cryogenic, Bleach Chemicals, HVACI, Coatings, Boiler Feed, Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and Liquor, Caustic and Chlor-Alkali, Plating, Galvanizing and Other Coatings, Descaling, Electronics, Polymers, Ground Water Development and Irrigation, Digester, Primary Processing, Food Processing, Dewatering & Water Supply, Scale Recycle, Flood Control, Wastewater Collection and Treatment, Fire Protection - General Industry, Slurry Processing, OEM, Slurry Transfer, Leaching Acid, Snowmaking, Hydraulic Press, Solvents, Paper Stock, Volatile Organic Compounds, Agriculture

Single, balanced, multi-spring, cartridge, pusher seal specifically designed for pulp & paper slurry services. Unique design exposes seal faces to pumped product for maximum heat dissipation - eliminates a common failure point. Special shroud protects compression springs in a stationary portion of seal, and rotor drive pin, from weepage build-up. Pre-set cartridge design and centering tabs simplify installation.

SL 5200
As above, but in a double back to back arrangement with the outboard faces being the same as the inboard faces.

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SL Series Seal Brochure

A family of self contained cartridge seals designed for reliable operation in the majority of chemical and moderate slurry services. Engineered to primarily be applied with no outside flush liquid which eliminates product dilution.

Flowserve Seals - Products and Services Catalog - English

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This products and services brochure is designed to make you familiar with the latest Seal Group products and services.


Description: (Synthetic Lubrication Device)


Description: (Quench Containment Device)

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