IPS Power Monitor™

Product No Longer Available The IPS Power Monitor (model KW941) monitors and displays actual power to the rotating equipment. The IPS Power Monitor is equipped with a programmable startup delay as well as low and high trip points offering simultaneous protection from underload and overload operating conditions.

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Product No Longer Available

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Designed with Unique Features that enable monitoring of actual equipment power.

Programmable Start-up delay with low and high trip points.

Ideal for both Sealed and Sealless process pumps.

Helps Eliminate Extensive Repairs and Downtime with proper application.

Automatic Shut-down or Alarm Tripping can be achieved before damage occurs.

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Flowserve KW941 Pump Power Monitor User Instructions

Installation, Operation, & Maintenance instructions for Flowserve KW941 Pump Power Monitor (Incorporates PM-200 & PM-201)

IPS Tempo™

Description: The IPS Tempo is a user-friendly, variable frequency drive (VFD) with pre-engineered optimization, protection and control features for rotating equipment. The IPS Tempo solution extends equipment life and lowers life-cycle costs. When connected to specific sensors, it can be configured to enable automated process control and sense detrimental operating conditions, such as closed valves, off-curve operation, dry-running and pump cavitation.

IPS Beacon™

Description: The Flowserve IPS Beacon is a data acquisition, logging and visual alert device that monitors process pump health. Mounted atop the pump bearing housing, the intrinsically safe Beacon checks power-end vibration (x-y-z axis) and temperature against pre-set limits, logging this data with a time and date stamp when an alert situation occurs.

In addition, the Beacon is designed so that it can be transformed from a local monitoring and alert device to a remote warning system by integrating it into an IPS Wireless Series 103 multi-point device. With this integration, the IPS Beacon sensor data can be sent “wirelessly,” allowing the user instant access to information without having to be at the pump.


Description: IPS APEX is the industry's most sophisticated tool for data acquisition, diagnostics and intelligent control. The IPS APEX solution helps users lower life-cycle costs by delivering actionable information to optimize process control and equipment operation.

IPS Wireless™

Description: Flowserve IPS Wireless technology provides cost-effective, reliable and scalable data communication systems that enhance customer productivity and profitability. IPS Wireless employs open platform architecture to ensure it will interface and integrate easily with most existing instrumentation, software and controllers. Its non-line-of-sight technology guarantees reliable data communication in even the most hard-to-reach locations.

Data can be integrated from existing monitoring devices outputting analog or digital signals, then transmitted wirelessly from tanks, pipelines, pumps and other rotating equipment. Supported communications include: 4/20 mA, pulse, milliVolt and Modbus. Devices operate in several frequency spectrums (902-928 MHz, 868 MHz or 2.4 GHz) and are certified to ATEX and CSA/NRTL Class 1 Div. 1.

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