MSP Vertical In-Line, Medium Speed, Overhung API Process Pump

Closely following API 610 OH4, latest Edition design criteria, the MSP is a vertical, in-line, single or double stage pump. Featuring a medium speed induction motor, the MSP delivers peak efficiency, excellent economy, simplified installation and reduced maintenance in low-flow, high head applications.

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  • Brands:
  • Applications:
    Acid Transfer, Auxiliary (chemical), Condensate Extraction, Catalytic Cracking, Distillation (oil and gas), Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery, Residuum and Heavy Oil Upgrading, Heavy Oil, Oil Sands and Shale, Hydrocracking, Hydrotreating, LNG, Gas to Liquids
  • Industries:
    Chemical Processing, Power Generation, Oil and Gas

Variable Speed ensures consistent BEP performance.  Achieves system fluid demand without throttling for significant energy savings.  Changing operating conditions are addressed by simple speed adjustment.

Variable Frequency Drive includes all safety features.

Rigid Coupling ensures precision shaft alignment while eliminating time-consuming manual alignment.

Special Hydraulics provide efficient low specific speed hydraulics for low flows at high heads.

Impeller Sub-Shaft allows wide range of materials for wetted shaft.


Operating Parameters

  • Flows to 34 m3/h (150 gpm)
  • Heads to 900 m (2955 ft)
  • Pressures to 64 bar (930 psi)
  • Maximum suction pressure 15 bar (220 psi)
  • Temperatures from -46°C (-51°F) to 250°C (482°F)
  • Operating speeds from 2000 rpm to 8000 rpm

MSP Coverage Chart SI Units

MSP Coverage Chart US Units

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النفط والغاز مضخات

فلوسيرف مضخات النفط والغاز - التنقيب والإنتاج وخطوط الأنابيب - البحرية - البرية - الاصطناعية الخام والغاز الطبيعي المسال

Öl & Gas Pumpen

Flowserve Öl & Gas: Produktion, Pipeline - Offshore, Onshore, Synthetisches Rohöl, Flüssignaturgas


Flowserve 油气:生产和管道用泵 - 海上、陆上、合成原油和液体天然气

Bombas de Petróleo e Gás

Flowserve Petróleo e Gás: Produção e Oleodutos - Offshore, Onshore, Petróleo, GLP - Gás Liquefeito de Petróleo

Нефть и Газ Насосы

Flowserve Насосы для переработки углеводородов - нефтеперерабатывающей, нефтехимической переработки

Pompe Oil & Gas

Flowserve Petrolio e gas: Esplorazione e produzione, Oleodotti - Offshore, Onshore, Greggio sintetico, Gas naturale liquefatto


Flowserve 化学加工泵 – 用于加工、热转换、排泄处理和辅助的泵

Химическая обработка Насосы

Flowserve Насосы для химической переработки - Процесс - Heat Transfer - Очистка сточных вод - Auxiliary

المعالجة الكيميائية مضخات

فلوسيرف مضخات المعالجة الكيميائية - عملية - انتقال الحرارة - معالجة الصرف - مساعدة

Bombas de Processamento de Produtos Químicos

Processamento de Produtos Químicos - Processamento - Transferência de Calor-Tratamento de Efluentes - Auxiliares

Chemieprozesse Pumpen

Flowserve Chemieprozesse: Prozess, Wärmetauscher, Abwasseraufbereitung, Hilfssysteme

Flowserve ®MSP centrifugal pumps User Instructions

Installation, Operation, & Maintenance Instructions for Medium Speed, Vertical - Inline Pumps

Power Generation Pumps

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8.5 x 11

Flowserve Pumps for Power Generation - Combined cycle, fossil fuels and nuclear

Oil & Gas Pumps

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8.5 x 11

Flowserve Pumps for Oil & Gas - Upstream and Pipeline - Offshore - Onshore - Synthetic Crude and LNG

Chemical Processing Pumps

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8.5 x 11

Flowserve Pumps for Chemical Processing - Process - Heat Transfer - Effluent Treatment - Auxiliary

WM API 610 (OH5), Overhung, Close Coupled, Vertical In-Line, Low Flow Pump

Description: The Flowserve WM pump is the space-saving, close coupled configuration of the HWM pump. This pump is designed specifically for low flow, high head operation and is fully compliant with API 610 (OH5), latest edition.

HWX API 610 (OH3), Overhung, Vertical In-Line Pump

Description: The Flowserve HWX pump is a vertical, in-line design, fully compliant with API 610 (OH3), latest edition. This pump offers a space-saving alternative for many overhung process pumps in upstream and downstream services, low temperature, high temperature, and high working pressure services.

MSP2 Overhung, Vertical In-Line, Medium Speed, Two-Stage Pump

Description: Closely following API 610, 8th Edition design criteria, the MSP2 is a vertical, in-line, two-stage pump. Featuring a medium speed induction motor, the MSP delivers peak efficiency, excellent economy, simplified installation and reduced maintenance. It is particularly well suited for very high head applications.

ERPN Overhung Centerline Mounted API Process Pump

Description: The ERPN is the pump of choice for severe chemical, petrochemical, refining and heavy-duty industrial service where full compliance with API 610 is not required. This pump provides users with the important mechanical, hydraulic, emissions control and safety components required by the latest ISO 13709/API 610 standards.

CPX ISO Overhung, Single Stage Process Pump

Description: Conforming to ISO 2858 dimensional and ISO 5199 design criteria and incorporating advanced features, the CPX chemical process pump provides unmatched performance and reliability. This ruggedly designed pump offers significant operational and maintenance enhancing benefits to minimize the total cost of pump ownership.

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