Global Leader for Hydraulic Decoking Cutting Equipment

Flowserve hydraulic decoking systems are installed in more than 95% of the world’s decoking units. Today, Flowserve engineers continue to drive innovations that make the refining industry’s decoking units safer and more reliable.

Engineering Intuition That Only Comes with Experience

Flowserve hydraulic decoking systems are purposefully engineered to be safe, reliable and low maintenance. With industry experience no other manufacturer can approach, Flowserve engineers draw upon knowledge and intuition that come from unequaled system runtime. The goal for every Flowserve decoking engineer? To design and build the optimal hydraulic decoking system that matches the unique characteristics of each site’s equipment configurations and feedslates.

Multistage, double-case barrel pumps

Multistage, double-case barrel pumps (type WIK) from Flowserve feature a high stiffness rotor, unique low specific speed hydraulics and high design speeds for reliable service in jet pump systems.

Know-how and Proven Reliability

In today’s DCU the emphasis is on increased capacity and reduced cycle times. And all this must be achieved without compromise to safety or reliability. Process licensors, engineering and construction firms and DCU operators alike turn to Flowserve for proven applications, expertise and problem-solving capabilities that have led the industry to safer, more reliable and ever-more cost-effective decoking systems. Flowserve custom engineers each hydraulic decoking system with care, precision and quality to provide the features and options specifically suited to the application requirement.

Continuous Innovation

Flowserve relentlessly explores new equipment and systems ideas in search of process optimization with maximum reliability and fail-proof safety. Our global network of Decoking Specialists continuously consult with end users on troubleshooting, component enhancements and unit run-time improvements on dozens of installations each year. This continuous feedback loop on operating practices, safety requirements and new requirements keeps Flowserve engineers at the forefront of innovation in the hydraulic decoking industry. The result is a steady stream of leading-edge product development and system upgrades that reduce cutting time, maximize reliability and provide fail-proof safety.

Remote Coke Cutting

AutoShift™ decoking tool

The AutoShift™ decoking tool makes remote operation feasible by removing the operator from the cutting deck.

AutoShift™ decoking tool

Link to Hydraulic Decoking System Interactive Tool

Operator safety is a paramount consideration for each hydraulic decoking system Flowserve builds. Unit safety is greatly improved by removing the operator from the cutting deck and operating the system remotely. Utilizing the AutoShift™ cutting tool combined with vibration, acoustic, and video monitoring, Flowserve can provide a system that effectively performs the coke cutting functions from the safety of a remote, environmentally controlled enclosure located at grade.

Automated Decoking

Automated decoking takes remote cutting one step further by capitalizing on the advanced monitoring, diagnostics, control and instrumentation capabilities of the Flowserve Technology Advantage™ platform. Flowserve can design and install the requisite computer software and algorithms, instrumentation and embedded intelligence to automatically operate the hydraulic decoking system while protecting the system from unanticipated downtime. A single operator can monitor the entire process in safety – away from the cutting deck – with interface only required for sequence exceptions.

Online Assurance Programs

By applying onboard sensors to critical system components such as the hydraulic decoking jet pump and other system components, Flowserve is able to offer significant uptime improvements by actively monitoring for process and equipment problems that may lead to unscheduled downtime and reduced production. Using data aggregation tools and the Technology Advantage™ Portal, experts from around the world can monitor, diagnose and communicate necessary changes to increase unit uptime.

Hydraulic Decoking System Elements

Flowserve decoking control valve

The Flowserve decoking control valve controls the flow from the jet pump with a single valve providing three distinct functions: recirculation (bypass), pre-fill and full flow.

Jet Pump Train

  • Jet pump
  • Lube oil skid
  • Control system panel

Coke Cutting Components

  • Decoking control valve
  • Cutting water bleed valve
  • Cutting water drum Isolation valve
  • Cutting tool
  • Guide plates and tool enclosure
  • Rotary joint
  • Decoking hose
  • Drill stem assembly and guide
  • Safety and monitoring control systems (coke drum vibration, rotary joint rpm, etc.)
  • Operator shelters
Crossheads with free fall arrestor systems

Crossheads with free fall arrestor systems protect personnel and equipment in the event of wire rope failure. The design automatically disengages upon restoration of required tension.

Cutting Assembly Lifting Components

  • Cross head and free-fall arrestor
  • Latching mechanism
  • Hoist
  • Hoist wire rope
  • Wire rope tension monitoring
  • Lead, crown, traveling and guide blocks

Automation and Instrumentation

  • Master control system panels
  • Local control panels
  • Hoist console
  • Cutting deck and coke chute A/V monitors
  • Instruments and sensors (coke drum monitors, accelerometers, vibration monitors, proximity, VFD, potentiometers, etc.)

Asset Management programs

  • Online Assurance