Flowserve customer recognized for making the greatest overall contribution to the desalination industry in 2010

Three other plants using Flowserve Calder™ Energy Recovery Devices garner major global water awards as well.

Flowserve customer IDE Technologies, was named Winner: Desalination Company of the Year at the annual Global Water Awards banquet. Sponsored by Global Water Intelligence, the banquet was held last month in Berlin, Germany. The Desalination Company of the Year award recognizes the desalination plant supplier that made the greatest overall contribution to the industry in 2010. Last year, IDE secured some of the largest desalination projects globally. For the Soreq SWRO plant (Israel), their largest project worldwide, IDE Technologies selected Flowserve Calder Dual Work Exchange Energy Recovery (DWEER™) devices for their life cycle cost advantages.

In addition, three other major awards were received by plants in which Flowserve energy recovery devices (ERDs) were installed.

Salalah Independent Water and Power Project (Oman) Winner: Desalination Deal of the Year, which represents the most significant step forward for the industry in terms of financial innovation or in meeting the demands of challenging circumstances. The project contractor, Hyflux Ltd, chose to install Flowserve Calder DWEER devices in this combined SWRO and power generation plant.

Sydney (Kurnell) Seawater Reverse Osmosis (Australia)Winner: Desalination Plant of the Year, which represents the most impressive technical achievement in the industry. Flowserve provided the DWEER devices for this plant which was built by a consortium comprising Veolia Water, John Holland, SKM and Maunsell.

Thames Gateway (Beckton) Reverse Osmosis (U.K.) Winner: Award of Distinction, Desalination Plant of the Year. Working with the contracting firm of Acciona Agua, Flowserve supplied the Calder Pelton wheel ERDs at this plant.

Flowserve Calder energy recovery equipment and related proprietary technologies are specifically designed and engineered for the reverse osmosis process used in desalination plants around the world. The goal of the Calder energy recovery technology is to capture and reuse waste energy in the desalination process, lowering net energy consumption and improving overall process efficiency.

Learn more about how Flowserve is helping customers succeed in the desalination industry by reading the Desalination brochure or watch the DWEER Energy Recovery Device Animation