Flowserve Automax

Automax Flowserve manufactures Automax Valve Automation Systems to provide full service valve and damper automation to the worldwide oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemical, processing and energy related industries. We provide maximum value to the end user through a broad offering of products, services, application engineering and our systematic approach to automation.

500si Digital Positioner
DescriptionFlowserve LOGIX 500Si is a compact digital positioner that suits both linear and rotary actuators. Its modular and flexible…
APEX 7000 Pneumatic Positioner
BrandAccord, Automax, Worcester Controls
DescriptionThe APEX 7000 Pneumatic Positioner provides accurate, reliable modulating valve control in a robust, compact package.
APEX 8000 Positioner
BrandAccord, Automax, Worcester Controls
DescriptionThe APEX 8000 High Performace Positioner provides unrivaled valve position control from and analog positioner.
APEX 9000 Digital Positioner
DescriptionThe APEX 9000 digital positioner offers excellent control at an affordable price.
Automax Series CEA Electric Actuator
BrandAutomax, Limitorque
DescriptionThe Automax CEA brushless DC rotary actuator from Flowserve Limitorque brings new levels of performance and reliability when…
Aviator Integrated Valve Controller
DescriptionThe Aviator integrated valve controller combines an internal solenoid pilot, an external high capacity spool valve and a…
Centura CE Electric Actuator
DescriptionThe Flowserve Automax CE Series electric rotary actuator is ideal for heavy duty applications where failure is not an option.…
Centura CPL Electric Actuator
DescriptionThe Centura CPL Electric Actuator is the specifier's choice for reliable, trouble free control of small ball and butterfly…
Centura E Series Electric Actuator
DescriptionThe Flowserve Automax Centura E Series electric rotary valve actuator is ideal for larger torque applications where flows…
Logix MD+ Digital Positioner
BrandLogix, Kammer, Automax
DescriptionThe Logix MD+ Digital positioner uses state of the art technology to provide the customer the most cost effective control…
RG Series Heavy Duty Scotch Yoke Actuator
BrandFlowserve, Automax
DescriptionThe RG series scotch yoke actuator is available in Double-Acting, Spring Return and Canted Yoke designs. Torques up to 2.2…
SXL-Series Stainless Steel Actuator
DescriptionSXL Series utilizes a 316 Series stainless steel body and is ideal for use in corrosive environments. The SXL Series is available…
Supernova Actuator Metric (ISO)
DescriptionFlowserve Automax Supernova series Rack and Pinion actuators are designed for butterfly, plug, or ball valves, and offer…
Supernova B-Series
DescriptionRack & Pinion Actuators are designed for automating butterfly, plug, or ball valves and dampers. The actuators incorporate…
Ultraswitch XCL Series
BrandPMV, Worcester Controls, Automax, Accord
DescriptionThe XCL series UltraSwitch is a globally certified explosion-proof/flame-proof position indicator.
XL90 High Performance Analog Positioner
DescriptionThe Flowserve XL 90 series, two-stage positioner offers fast and sensitive dynamic response characteristics to meet extremely…